Out With the Old
Posted on Sun, January 30, 2011 by Sekira

Several members of the old Harmonium crew have been playing around with the beta for Rift and are going to be playing come release time.

Rift has an interesting take on classes, and large-scale dynamic world events.

Check it out!

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    Server mergers Tuesday 28th and Membership
Posted on Mon, August 27, 2007 by Bayerithe

As we anticipate the arrival of the merging of several servers on Tuesday, The Harmonium will be looking to grow as well as we move forward onto the new Seradon server.

The Harmonium is an offshoot of the original Harmonium raiding guild from the Povar/Xev days of Everquest. The Harmonium was the #1 raiding guild at the time on Povar, and then on Xev after a mass server transfer to a newer server. The guild was reformed in Vanguard by one of the original founders of the guild and two former officers, with the intent of reconnecting old friends in a more mature but casual environment.

The majority of the members currently in the guild are in the mid 30's to mid 40's, and play evenings in the U.S. timezones. If you are a mature, team oriented player in that level range and are looking for a place to call home and people to call friends, we may have a place for you. Feel free to contact myself (Baye) or our other officer, SuperNaught/Topnaught in game, or speak to any member. More application info can be found on the "Apply" page and applications can be sent into myself via the instructions in the General Forums.

We look forward to meeting new people and developing new friendships as we move into the new server. See you in game!

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    It's Official... SOE owns Sigil
Posted on Tue, May 15, 2007 by Sekira

This afternoon, Smedley posted on the Official Vanguard Forums (oh yea, those are new too) that SOE has aquired Sigil and Vanguard:

Originally Posted by Smed
As a part of this acquisition, we are bringing on approx 50 people from Sigil in order to insure that Vanguard continues to grow. SOE is dedicated to making sure that Vanguard is well taken care of and that we provide the same level of service we do for our other titles. In the near future we will come out with a publishing plan that will largely be driven by the strong player community that Vanguard has already built up.

Looking at Sigil's Team Members page, I quickly count about 104 people on it, which would mean that about half the Sigil team is out of a job today. I hope everything works out for those folks who have worked so hard on Vanguard. On a personal note, I've got to say that I very much hope that everything works out O.K. for our favorite Associate Game Designer Cylus

What will this ultimately mean for the game? Who can say at this point. Smed's post says they will be working on fixing existing problems with the game and expanding the currently available content. He also says:

Originally Posted by Smed
We do not plan on making any major changes to Vanguard. Any changes are going to come from the team itself. We aren't mandating any big changes to the game. We've learned a thing or two with our experiences with the NGE and don't plan on repeating mistakes from the past and not listening to the players.

I think most people knew this day was coming for a LONG time, as in back when Sigil first announced that they were being dropped by Microsoft and partnering up with Sony. There is a lot of dislike for SOE among the Vanguard following, so while this is likely to cost the game a large number of subscriptions, it may be the only way the game can survive at all if they financial pressures are as bad as it seems.

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